First of all, thank you for your interest in our work and for stopping by.

Quickart Studio

is a Comp Art & Storyboard studio located in Chicago. We opened up shop in 2011 in response to a steady need  (yours)  for reliable artists who can translate creative ideas into something visual, and another steady need  (ours)  to work, doing something we love, of service to creative people in a creative world.

We make art that gets your message across. All the work on this site started with Art Directors and Creatives like you. We do our best work helping you visualize yours.


Justine Scarpa

is Manager and coordinator.  She keeps the business running - everything from going over jobs with Creatives, making sure Michael is drawing what he was asked to draw, to invoicing, and just keeping in touch.

Michael Coon

is the owner and principle artist at QuickArt Studio.  He has been working for over 15 years as a Comp & Storyboard artist in Advertising and has worked with a whole lot of studios, agencies and art directors in that time. 

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